Three firms join LawGroup

ONE of London's leading legal aid firms, Hodge Jones & Allen, is among three firms joining LawGroup UK.

The firm, headed by Law Society council member and defeated presidential candidate Henry Hodge, was impressed by the profit per equity partner figures achieved by LawGroup.

LawGroup head Arwyn Lewis said: “The figure has improved by an average 15 per cent with an increase in fee levels of 8 per cent on the 1995 figures.

“Coupled with our quality standards, this helps our member firms to be some of the most profitable in the country.”

Mayo & Perkins, of Eastbourne, and Sills & Betteridge have also joined the group, bringing total membership up to 84 firms covering more than 600 partners.

Sheila Morris, office manager at Mayo & Perkins, said joining LawGroup UK would provide her firm with extra management, marketing and technological support. The firm would certainly benefit from the experiences of others, she said.