Conference update

'Practice of international commercial arbitration'

Prague, 18-21 April.

Organised by the International Association of Young Lawyers.

The conference will cover arbitration in the Czech Republic; comparisons of arbitration and litigation; how to choose an arbiter and how to become one; fields where disputes cannot be arbitrated and arbitration alternatives.

Contact (+32) 2 347 2808.

'Investing in emerging markets in south east Asia: a practitioner's guide to joint ventures in the People's

Republic of China and Vietnam'

Hong Kong, 25-28 April 1996.

Organised by the International Association of Young Lawyers.

Covers setting up the joint venture and arbitration and enforcement of joint venture agreements.

Contact (+32) 2 347 2808.

'Multi-disciplinary partnerships: a threat to your practice as we know it?'

Manchester, 26-28 April 1996.

Organiser: International Association of Young Lawyers.

A UK and Ireland regional meeting which will discuss whether the legal profession is ready to meet the challenge as the Big Six accountancy firms establish themselves as one-stop shops for legal and accounting services.

Contact 0161 832 5994.

'Cinema and digitalisation: the continuing attack on traditional rights'

Cannes, 12-13 May 1996.

Organised by the International Bar Association's section on business law and the Institute of International Business Law and Practice of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The conference covers creating and distributing films by computer, and labour and competition issues.

Contact (+331) 4 953 2921

'Russian law in transition'

Moscow, 3-6 July 1996.

Organised by the International Bar Association.

The conference will include a case study entitled 'Wall Street meets Red Square', which will provide the basis for a discussion on banking law, capital markets, dispute resolution and litigation. It will also cover taxation in central and eastern Europe, international franchising and commercial sales.

Contact 0171 629 1206.

'The 11th Commonwealth law conference'

Vancouver, 25-29 August.

Organised by The Canadian Bar Association.

The conference will cover human rights, commercial transactions, public law, practice specialities and law practice management.

Contact 0171 483 2297.

'Colloquium of Franco-British Lawyers Society'

Oxford, 19-21 September 1996.

Organised by the Franco-British Lawyers Society.

Covers the commercialisation of public law, privatisation and competition, regulation and the rule of law; business and the European Union.

Contact 0171 700 1354.

'The Law Society's Solicitors' European Group'

York, 7-8 June 1996.

Organised by the society.

Topics include competition law and the EU's impact on intellectual property.

Contact 0171 320 5791.