Lawrence Graham banks on investment head

LAWRENCE Graham has boosted its investment management arm with the recruitment of City banker James Sageman as head of its £80m operation.

Sageman, a former manager of Hambros Private Banking and the global private banking team at the Royal Bank of Canada (Europe), replaces tax partner Tim Thornton Jones, who will step down as head of the team.

The firm's investment management practice controls over £80m of client funds, a figure Thornton Jones said the firm “is looking to increase substantially in the next three to five years”.

The firm's portfolio makes it the larger of London's two main solicitor investment managers (the other is Birchams) and the third largest in England and Wales.

Sageman will lead a team of three. His appointment comes after Lawrence Graham commissioned a report from him looking into the future of its investment management team.

Thornton Jones said: “James Sageman is someone with a very clear vision.”

Meanwhile, solicitor Andrew Murray is leaving the team to travel the world.