Harcourt barrister voted Lord Mayor of London

Senior representatives of the Bar Council have made approaches to him as he is uniquely placed to represent the interests of London lawyers overseas, both as a practising barrister and in his central function of promoting London as a centre of international business.
In this respect his appointment comes at an important juncture, as the Commercial Court, the Commercial Bar Association and the Bar's direct access committee, under the chairmanship of Marion Simmons QC, have all been driving to promote barristers overseas, particularly in Continental Europe.
Arthur, who is officially titled Lord Mayor Elect until he takes office on 8 November, has been at June Rodgers' Harcourt Chambers since he started practising in 1975. Arthur, who has specialised for many years in public and private areas of child work, is the first practising barrister to be appointed to the role.
His previous City appointments have included Alderman of the City of London in 1991 and Sheriff of the City of London between 1998 and 1999. The Lord Mayor role will take him out of independent practice for one year.