Caller staller

Tulkinghorn is counting his lucky stars that he never had to rely on computers when he was a young lawyer. As readers may recall, last week Tulkinghorn had an incredible fit of pique when every call he made to Pinsent Curtis Biddle partner and John Major's libel lawyer David Hooper went unanswered.
On the Monday that Tulkinghorn tried to get through, the blasted phone would ring for hours before Tulkinghorn was unceremoniously cut off without so much as a “Hello, Pinsent Curtis Biddle”. Tulkinghorn assumed at the time that Major was facing such a complicated case involving his affair with Edwina Currie that the switchboard had exploded.
What actually happened, Hooper explained, was that when Tulkinghorn was trying to call him, the computer that directs all incoming phonecalls to Pinsents' national switchboard had stopped working. Oh for the days when one's switchboard was manned by pretty young fillies.