Pro bono – where next?

I would like to alert the profession to an exploratory meeting which is being held on 2 November at the Law Society hall to review the state of pro bono work. It is supported by the society and Business in the Community.

The deputy vice-president of the Law Society, Michael Matthews, will introduce the occasion.

The meeting will be an opportunity for those interested in the subject to discuss in an open way what, if anything, should be done to expand and/or co-ordinate pro bono work in the profession.

It may be that the meeting will provide a useful prelude to a more structured occasion in the spring of next year with perhaps an informal working party planned for that event.

It would be helpful to have details of those who would like to come, although no one should be discouraged from simply turning up on the day.

For more details, contact Caroline Knighton, Business in the Community, 44 Baker Street, London W1M 1DH. Tel: 01222 468177.

Andrew Phillips

Bates, Wells & Braithwaite London.