Manches & Co invests in VoiceType Dictation system

London solicitors Manches & Co has ordered eight more copies of IBM's VoiceType Dictation 3.0 system, bringing its total to 13 copies.

The system, which allows users to dictate their own documents direct to screen and correct them without secretarial help, has been tested by the firm's 110 fee earners over the past two years.

IT director Derek Brookes said: “We have found that as long as users are enthusiastic and reasonably IT-literate there is a tremendous saving in time and efficiency. I don't think voice recognition systems will ever be as widespread as word processors, but in the future I believe there will be one in every law firm.”

IBM said VoiceType Dictation 3.0 users can normally reach 90 per cent accuracy as soon as they begin dictating, without having to “enrol” their voice on the system.

Ninety-five per cent accuracy can be achieved because VoiceType updates its statistical language model, progressively adapting to the words and terminology most commonly used by the operator.

VoiceType comes with an optional specialised 30,000-word legal vocabulary, which Manches & Co has adopted.