Litigation Personal Injury 15/10/96

Brick v Parkside Health Authority – QBD 1 October, 199Claimant: Elliott Brick, 22

Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Claimant, a pedestrian, was hit by lorry as he crossed a road near his home and suffered severe and permanent brain damage. His injuries mean that he will never be able to work or study and his personality has completely changed

Award: £900,000 agreed damages. Case adjourned for consideration of structuring arrangement

Mann v Chalkley – QBD 1 October 199Claimant: Amanjit Singh Mann, 23

Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claim based on failure of GPs 20 years ago to diagnose meningitis in the claimant. As a result of his contracting the disease he now needs round-the-clock care which he receives from his parents and a hired helper.

He will suffer from severe mental retardation and epilepsy for the rest of his life. Court told there had been dispute over whether earlier diagnosis would have aided claimant's condition

Award: £500,000 agree damages

Miles v West Kent Health Authority – QBD, 1 October 199Claimant: Diane Miles, 4Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claimant underwent keyhole gall bladder surgery at Kent and Sussex Hospital, Tunbridge Wells, in July 1992. During operation her bile duct was cut and clamped in two places. Negligence admitted but case contested on quantum. Court was told she was forced to give up a lucrative job in Thailand, and may never work again. Claimant suffers exhaustion, reduced stamina, nausea, cold sweats and de- pression. She suffers flashbacks of intense pain and has exhibited features of post traumatic stress disorder. Judge said she had changed from a sociable, enthusiastic, energetic and confident person to the opposite.

Award: £450,000 agreed damages