Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 15/10/96

Richard Predko, 58, admitted 1971, sole practitioner at material times practising in Southampton, struck off and ordered to pay £7,600 costs. Appeal lodged. Allegations substantiated he misused client funds, failed to keep full and accurate books, allowed transfers from ledger account of one client to that of another in breach of Accounts Rules, misled Court of Probate by deliberately and/or recklessly under- stating the value of an estate, and breached the principle that a solicitor must not act where his interests conflict with the interests of a client. Tribunal told Predko before it in October 1995. Allegations then substantiated he was guilty of failing to act with reasonable expedition in connection with administration of an estate, failing or failing with reasonable expedition to reply to correspondence with parties and/or their solicitors and the Solicitors Complaints Bureau, and acting in client affairs where a conflict of interest might have arisen. Tribunal said Predko's attitude had been wholly unacceptable. He could be seen only to have feathered his own and his family's nest at the expense of his clients.