Conference Highlights

21 October

Freedom of information – privacy versus freedom of the press. Are some crimes so horrible that the interests of the victims and their families outweigh the freedom of the press to inform the public of all the details involved?

Art and cultural property law – should there be limits on visual art and taste? How freely should an artist be allowed to express his or her view of society and culture when balanced against the need of the state or individuals to be protected against social offence and affronts?

Telecommunications infrastructure projects. Telecoms expert Colin Long presents a case study of the key contractual, legal and regulatory aspects of BOT and other infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Cameras in the courtroom: The OJ Simpson trial. A discussion on the issue of cameras in the courtroom. Should they be allowed?

Project finance in Latin America: update on privatisation projects. The Latin American and Caribbean Steering Group will examine project finance in Latin America.

Social: evening reception hosted by the German Bar, the Berlin Bar and German law firms.

22 October

Access to justice, chaired by English solicitor Roberta Tish. How access to the courts and to lawyers is strictly circumscribed in some countries, particularly Eastern European countries.

Education: two seminars on law schools and the factors which affect success.

Litigation and arbitration in Central and Eastern Europe.

Limiting liability/professional indemnity insurance policies. A look at recent developments and a comparison with the US, plus how limited liability partnerships operate.

Developments in film production and distribution.

Copyright problems in the music industry. Copyright problems from digitalisation and sampling, to moral rights and fair use.

The rights of indigenous people. A look at the conflicting claims to resources.

Social: Women lawyers' lunch at the ICC.

Social:Latin American Law-yers' lunch at the ICC

23 October

The Judges' Forum discusses international forum shopping.

Key issues from a successful electric power project/issues relating to water privatisations.

Consumer transactions in cyberspace.

Money laundering. This seminar will focus on the misuse of the privileged client-lawyer relationship.

Freedom of genomic expression: what are the limits and what are the rules. At this session, the IBA will discuss a draft human genome treaty which aims to stablish minimum international standards for the use of human genetic information.

The Internet and freedom of expression.

An open meeting of the Asia Pacific Forum.

Social: Asia Pacific Forum lunch.

Social: SGP, SERL and SBL dinners

24 October

Multi-million dollar divorce.

Alternative dispute resolution: what happens in actual cases? How can a judge order ADR?

Takeovers: corporate and securities issues.

Legal updates relating to technology law.

Judicial independence.

Trademarks and the Internet.

Use of the criminal law to censor the Internet.

25 October

Multi-million dollar divorce.

The Human Rights Institute meeting.

Visiting local law firms.

Recent developments in aviation litigation and aviation insurance.

Social: gala buffet dinner.