PLP guide to community care 'labyrinth'

THE PUBLIC Law Project (PLP) has put together a briefing document to lead lawyers through the “legal labyrinth” of community care.

The guide may mean that more unlawful local authority decisions are challenged.

Experts in public law say the “loose legal framework” of community care will inevitably spawn potential challenges.

The Community Care Act 1990 is not a comprehensive piece of legislation and can only be understood by reference to numerous statutes and regulations, the guide says.

PLP solicitor Stephen Cragg says: “I think there is going to be a lot of buck-passing between the NHS and social services. The poor client will be caught in the middle.”

The briefing, 'Challenging community care decisions', and backed by social services union Unison, was drawn up by a group of 35 legal and community care experts.

It sets out the legal framework for decision making.