Objectors may force action on roads report

ROADS protesters are considering whether to mount a judicial review following the Government's failure to publish a controversial report on its roads building policy.

In a letter to Stephen Grosz of Bindman & Partners, which represents national anti-roads group Alarm UK, Transport Secretary Brian Mawhinney denies he is under an obligation to publish the report.

“The minister claims that the report is not covered by the environmental information regulations because it is not factual information regarding the environment,” Grosz says.

“His other arguments are that it is confidential and the Government will release the report when it is ready to make an official response.”

Grosz had earlier argued in a letter to the minister that failure to publish the report by the standing advisory committee on trunk road assessment denied inspectors and witnesses at public inquiries access to vital information.

The report is believed to undermine current methods of assessing traffic growth.

Stephen Grosz and Bindman & Partners also acted for the World Development Movement in its successful judicial review of the Government's controversial funding of the Pergau dam in Malaysia.