LNTV drops direct broadcast

LEGAL Network Television (LNTV) has dropped its direct home broadcasts in favour of supplying educational video tapes direct to law firms.

The network previously broadcast legal programmes through BBC selectors twice a week at 3.15am.

Viewers of the station, which was launched in February 1993, received the programmes through a decoder. But LNTV's sales and marketing manager, Andrew Griffin, says a “significant number” of viewers failed to watch the broadcasts regularly and subscription numbers have risen since the changes were made.

Griffin estimates that the programmes now reach 10,000 people including 8,000 practitioners, compared to the 7,500 legal workers who previously viewed them.

“Viewer numbers are rising. We are receiving a lot of enquiries from people who realise it doesn't involve a lot of administrative hassle and they are willing to take it on now.”

Lawyers can tune in to LNTV programmes on subjects including marketing, divorce, child care proceedings and taxation.