Lawyers' boost overseas income

LAW firms contributed u500 million to the u1.34 billion net earned overseas by UK consultancy firms in 1993, say Central Statistical Office(CSO) figures.

The profession is the largest single earner among the consultants last year. Management and economic consultants earned u218 million and consulting engineers u117 million. Advertisers pulled in u156 million, while accountancy services contributed u39 million.

The legal profession's earnings grew by 6 per cent last year from u473 million in 1972, when the contribution of consultants fell by 5 per cent from u1.14 billion in 1992.

The figures for legal services show a steady growth over the past six years, rising from u300 million in 1988 to u395 million in 1990. Earnings rose again in 1991 to u425 million and in the following year to u473 million.

The CSO says the European Union is the most important geographical area for consultants.