TFI Friday. Or Not?

Never has there been so much workplace joviality since Doc and his other six vertically challenged mining colleagues whistled hi-ho.

Lawyers just love their jobs. That’s the rosy picture of the legal market that Badenoch & Clark’s workplace questionnaire painted.

Forget issues of work-life balance, remuneration and alternative career paths. Lawyers are officially the happiest professionals in the UK. See story.

Those of you working 12 hours straight on due diligence are having a whale of a time compared with male IT workers in Manchester, who are the most discontented. (Have they tried switching it on and off again? Normally works wonders.)

Intriguingly, the survey was so accurate that it was able to state that “female Gemini lawyers, living in Bristol, working for a female boss at a firm or in-house for less than five years, commuting each day by car and only required to wear casual business attire” greet every day at the office with a smile. Obviously.