Lawyers are the happiest chappies in the UK

Lawyers are the happiest professionals in the UK, according to a recent survey by a recruitment consultancy.

The questionnaire by Badenoch & Clark, which surveyed 1,000 UK workers across nine sectors, found that two-thirds of lawyers are “very happy” in their jobs.

This compares with 24 per cent of the UK workforce who are unhappy in their jobs. The most fed up are telecoms and IT workers.

Within the legal profession, Bristol-based female lawyers are the most content, according to the survey.

But Badenoch’s head of legal recruitment Alison Burgin warned firms not to take the figures for granted, saying: “Attracting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges facing legal firms, particularly in a market where skills are in high demand.”

The results of the survey will come as a surprise to many. Law firms have been bombarded with criticism of their long hours culture while associates have been demanding a better work-life balance and higher salaries.

“It’s essential that employers in the sector understand what motivates and enthuses their workforce. Benefits, opportunities to work flexibly, management style and work environments will all have an impact,” said Burgin.