McGrigors forms human rights role

Scotland-based firm McGrigor Donald has appointed Professor Alan Miller as human rights director.

Miller has been a barrister for the past 20 years and was last year’s president of the Glasgow Bar Association.

Miller says: “The opening at McGrigor Donald was very attractive. It will enable me to be involved in setting standards of best practice for human rights compliance across public and private sectors and possibly beyond.”

The firm did not have a previous relationship with Miller but approached him to be a consultant, which led to recruitment discussions.

Miller will add value to the public law unit of the firm by developing an audit tool for local and government authorities and health bodies.

The role is thought to be the first of its kind, not only for the firm but in the UK.

It follows the appointment of a non-executive director at the end of last year, when Richard Findlay was brought in to strengthen the corporate structure of the firm (The Lawyer, 11 December 2000).