Brazil nuts

How would one herald in a new era for the most conservative and traditional law firm in the City?

At Slaughter and May they have never been afraid to plough their own path, and the inauguration of Tim Clark as the new senior partner was nothing different.

Perhaps you might expect something a little off-the-wall from Clark, an ex-hippy who is as much the new breed of Slaughter-man as Giles Henderson, the outgoing senior partner, is a member of the old school.

However, the sight of messrs Nigel Boardman and Stephen Cooke getting busy on the dancefloor (doing the cha cha, apparently) at the salsa party in celebration of Clark's elevation (he was dressed for the occasion, it is said, in a pink frilly shirt and flared trousers) has left Tulkinghorn wondering whether Slaughters is actually about to embark upon a totally different and radical path, or is Clark planning to open up a raft of offices in South America?

Still, the party couldn't have been more eventful than a top 20 firm's recent black tie do, which was scheduled to be held at a top London venue near Oxford Circus on May Day. Great timing, chaps.