Tulkinghorn: Flair wear

The country’s leading ­barristers’ clerks are a ­dapper bunch, turning out in their Sunday best to The Lawyer’s annual clerks lunch at The Ivy recently.

In the sea of dark suits and black dresses, Matrix Chambers chief executive Lindsay Scott stood out. Conservative colours just won’t do for the liberal lady. She conformed with the black dress, but added some essential colour with a pair of bright pink Doctor Martins boots, which really set the outfit off.

Scott made a dash from The Ivy to the Matrix silks party, where presumably her sartorial risk-taking went down a storm. The last time Tulkinghorn attended a party at the Gray’s Inn set one of the clerks turned up dressed as Boy George.

Matrix – the bar’s most ’80s set?

Jobbie ­satisfaction

Cravath Swaine & Moore may be New York’s most traditional, bluest-blood outfit, but that hasn’t stopped it investing in funky new programmable lifts. Or, more ­appropriately, elevators.

Whatever you call them (Tulkinghorn, not being influenced by any cheap colonial-speak, assures you it’s lifts), the new ­technology hasn’t only been designed to speed up the travel between the floors.

Apparently, thanks to a spot of technical wizardry, they also allow floor ­swappers to continue ­talking on their mobile phones (or cells).

But judging by this ­comment overheard there recently, the new lifts haven’t gone down well with everyone: “They made sure the phones worked in the elevators, but there’s no reception in the rest rooms, so there’s still five minutes when you can escape and they can’t get you.”

That meaning is clear in any language.

Snickers at the Inns

Which London barrister is ­otherwise known as BA Baracus? The friends of this one-time ­Blackstone Chambers trainee changed his name by deed poll as a treat for his stag do.

Tulkinghorn pities the poor fool who had to tell his pupil master that from then on he should be known as BA. Sucker.

Olive foiled

One of Tulkinghorn’s ­poorly groomed underlings was almost toast last week after he failed to unearth details of the latest scheme being cooked up over at Addleshaw Goddard.

Despite being given the slip by those tricksy Addleshaws operatives, the spy did, however, learn that the name being given to Addleshaws’ still-under-wraps revolutionary plan is… ’Project Bruschetta’.

Reports that the ­culinary moniker is a direct result of the fact that the details were thrashed out on the back of a napkin in Pizza Express remain, sadly, far from confirmed.

Still, ­whatever it is, no doubt the firm hopes it will make a whole lotta dough.

A bob or two

Ashurst senior corporate partner Richard ­Gubbins was probably feeling pretty good about life one summer as he was sailing his yacht with his wife, enjoying a bit of free time with one of the fruits of his labour (the boat, that is, not his wife).

But life has a canny knack of taking the wind out of your sails in moments such as this. As Gubbins was pulling into a harbour he was directed to berth next to a much larger boat, only to discover that it belonged to Clifford Chance’s very own oligarch Stuart Popham.

Of course, there’s always a bigger fish. Popham, for instance, on his jaunts to India as part of Gordon Brown’s advisory body, found himself rubbing shoulders with former Vodafone boss Arun Sarin. Sarin is valued at around £60m according to The Sunday Times’ Rich List. Imagine the size of that guy’s yacht.