Suitably high

And the prize for the most bizarre charity event so far this year goes to… Lester Aldridge.

A team from the Bournemouth-based firm hiked to the top of the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike, on Saturday 22 May wearing their business suits. Twenty-two lawyers and staff braved the trip up north to the Lakes and climbed Scafell to raise almost three grand for charities the Jigsaw Appeal and Naomi House Children’s Hospice. The yomp, plus the trek to and from the mountain, took eight hours in total.

Managing partner Roger Woolley, who took part in the challenge, said there wasn’t anything particularly unusual for his crowd in seeing each other so attired, as they are used to suits, “but I guess we were a bit of a bizarre sight, especially the higher up the mountain we got,” he added. “We were even told on a couple of occasions we looked like a bunch of solicitors.”

This, however, was because half of the bunch were standing by the edge waiting for someone to fall off so they could nab them for a PI claim.

Disappointingly for the firm’s profits, all the Lester Aldridge bods, and everyone else on the hill that day, made it back safely.