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Guidance for directors of Jersey, Guernsey and BVI companies in extraordinary economic circumstances

We are living in challenging times, arguably far more challenging than in 2008 given the supply and the demand side issues all businesses are facing, and the concerns as to our personal well-being and that of those around us. Against such a backdrop, informed decision-making by directors is all the more complicated, and so too any assessment of the risks that directors face in trying to steer a company through what are often unchartered waters.

Covid-19 – A ‘supervening event’?

Could these fundamental financial changes provide a basis for reopening financial remedy orders on the basis that the financial impact of the pandemic constitutes a new event which has fundamentally undermined or invalidated the basis of the original order?

Trusts and insolvency – a guide

Private wealth structures are not immune from insolvency. Here we examine the Jersey and Guernsey position from the trustee’s perspective and consider the issues with which a trustee needs to be familiar.


EC to set up agencies to handle exchange of legal documents

A EUROPEAN Union-wide system for the exchange of legal documents from one state to another has been proposed by the European Commission to underpin the legal foundations of the European Union single market. If the move is agreed by the EU Council of Ministers, “transmitting and receiving agencies” will be set up in each member […]

Case of the week

The sword of truth finally fell on Jonathan Aitken this week when the old-Etonian left for an 18-month holiday at the public’s expense. Clutching his shield of English fair play the former minister was led down after being sentenced for perjury and perverting the course of justice after his libel case against The Guardian and […]

Linklaters & Alliance names litigation head

Linklaters & Alliance has appointed Christopher Style as its new head of litigation. Style will replace Brinsley Nicholson who is stepping down after seven years in the post. Style has pledged to increase cross-border litigation by 50 per cent over the next three years as part of a plan to increase the firm’s use of […]

…keeping human rights in

Charities must now prepare now for the incorporation of the Human Rights Convention into domestic law in October 2000. The convention is going to impact on all areas of charity law, from the criteria required to gain charitable status, to the way charities operate. Under Section 6 of the Homan Rights Act, it will be […]

City firms targeted by J18 protesters

City lawyers are being warned by their firms of security fears in the wake of a mass demonstration planned in the Square Mile on Friday (18 June). Memos have been sent to lawyers calling for extra vigilance. In one anonymous memo leaked to The Lawyer, a City firm warns staff can expect: “Roadways and footpaths […]

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