Giving fuel to the Lord Chancellor

I applaud your editorial comment (The Lawyer, 7 June). I cannot comment upon Mr Keating's qualifications to lead the Law Society, which I have long regarded as being incapable of meeting the needs of the profession. However, I had not realised what an embarrassment to the profession the society had become, when it produces a candidate such as Robert Sayer, who astonishingly believes he should be elected without contest.

If Mr Keating has expressed the mild belief that Mr Sayer is "not the best man" to represent the society in public, this is an understatement: by his uncouth and ignorant remarks Mr Sayer is demonstrably unsuited to represent the profession in any capacity. Indeed, if he is to be the public face of the Law Society, the public might justifiably consider that the Lord Chancellor has a point in his anti-lawyer stance.

Julian A Harris, partner, Biddle