2 Temple Gardens silk quits for Four New Square post

Leading professional negligence silk Graham Eklund QC and a senior junior barrister have left Dermod O’Brien QC’s 2 Temple Gardens to join Justin Fenwick QC’s Four New Square.
Eklund has moved with David Turner, a specialist in product liability and professional negligence.
A second senior junior has joined Four New Square from 20 Essex Street. Arbitrator William Godwin focuses on com
modities, banking, insurance and construction.
Eklund is currently involved in the high-profile £16m fire recovery claim between Tesco and Costain, as well as a multiparty claim by truck drivers against their employers Scania for alleged defective lorry design.
“A move to the recognised market leader Four New Square gives me an unmatched opportunity to develop my practice in this area,” said Eklund.