Mears confident as campaigning ends

A confident Martin Mears stepped back into a high-profile role last week at the end of what must surely be the most acrimonious and controversial Law Society elections ever.

Mears took to the Chancery Lane stage alongside the outgoing president, Tony Girling, to launch a client care booklet for solicitors, produced by the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors and edited by Mears.

Phillip Sycamore, his rival candidate for the presidency, was also at the launch.

The results of the election were expected on Monday afternoon as The Lawyer went to press. The winner will become president on Thursday at the Law Society annual general meeting.

Only five months ago it seemed that Mears' hopes were in tatters after his former ally Robert Sayer disowned him, claiming that he was only interested in power.

But his campaign was ignited by the announcement of a £450m shortfall in the Solicitors Indemnity Fund and the leaking of minutes of a Sycamore campaign meeting which showed it apparently plotting a dirty tricks campaign against him.

A predicted low turn-out was expected to favour Mears, although the result may be close. There is also the possibility that tactical voting may see Mears elected as president with Sayer as deputy vice-president.