Making the grade

Juniors have to be outstanding to make their mark in this area. We take a look at some of those tipped for the top.

Many of the leading firms say they do not use juniors a great deal, because they only instruct counsel in landlord and tenant work if the case is particularly complex.

One firm feels that, although there are some very good juniors coming along, there are not enough senior juniors around in property litigation. Another practitioner says that because there is not much of a price difference between junior counsel and some silks, he uses silks.

According to one leading property litigation lawyer: “We are all extremely possessive and the last thing we want to do when we find a good junior is to advertise the fact.”

With this in mind, here are the juniors singled out by practitioners as being particularly outstanding.

As well as a few blanket recommendations for everyone at Falcon chambers, headed by Jonathan Gaunt QC and David Neuberger QC, Stephen Jourdan, Martin Rodger and Jonathan Small are highlighted as being “outstanding, with a great combination of sharp intellect and advocacy skills”. Gary Cowen, Edward Cole, Janet Bignell, Wayne Clark and Paul de la Piquerie are all recommended.

At the same chambers Barry Denyer-Green, a former surveyor, is said to be “excellent in arbitration and value-related matters”. Anthony Tanney is “very impressive” and Guy Fetherstonhaugh and Timothy Fancourt receive several recommendations. Also noted are Joanne Moss, Edwin Prince and Erica Foggin.

Barnards Inn Chambers, a relatively new set with no silks, is very popular, with repeated recommendations for set head Timothy Bowles, a “very senior junior”, and Timothy Dutton, a former solicitor with “a really good grasp of the commercial side of things”.

At 4 Breams Buildings John Male is proving to be a firm favourite, with many regional firms recommending him. Just a few of the comments sum him up: “really easy to work with”, “outstanding”, “better than many QCs” and “brilliant”. David Elvin is said to be good but with limited availability, and Nicholas Taggart is identified as “up and coming”and “very knowledgeable”. Others recommended at the chambers include David Holgate, Jonathan Karas, Karen McHugh and David Forsdick.

Enterprise chambers is a popular choice, with Nigel Gerald and Caroline Hutton recommended. Chambers head Benjamin Levy is very good and “deals with things exceedingly quickly and clearly”. Jacqueline Baker, James Barker, Charles Morgan and Ann McAllister are also noted.

The juniors at 9 Old Square are also in demand, with Thomas Leech, Katharine Holland, Andrew Walker, Edwin Johnson, John Mc-Ghee and John Dagnall all recommended.

Christopher Nugee at Wilberforce Chambers is one major firm's “all-star, all-round favourite, who has never disappointed”. James Ayliffe, Gabriel Fadipe and Paul Newman from the same set are also recommended.

One set said to be very strong on landlord and tenant work is 2 Garden Court, with Jan Luba described as “very experienced”. At the same set David Watkinson and Stephen Cottle are also recommended. Robert Latham, head of 1 Pump Court, is also recommended for landlord and tenant work.

The barristers at 11 New Square, headed by Peter Crampin QC, are noted as being very helpful, giving regional firms “the kind of treatment that makes them feel welcome”, with Ulick Staunton and Howard Smith commended.

Sally Hatfield, Martin Westgate, Kate Markus, Heather Williams and Keir Starmer of Doughty Street Chambers are also recommended.

Anthony Trace and John Nicholls of 13 Old Square are noted, as are Josephine Henderson and Jonathan Manning, both of Arden Chambers.

Martin Seaward of 4 Brick Court, headed by Antony Shaw QC, is described as “really, really classy, an excellent barrister”.

Other noted juniors include Kevin Farrelly of 10 Old Square, David Iwi of 11 Stone buildings, headed by John Campion, who is said to have a “good turn-around and does a lot of advocacy work” and, Anthony Radevsky of 5 Bell Yard, headed by Robert Webb QC, and Mark Warwick of Bedford Row chambers. Stephen Shaw of Lamb chambers, headed by Jonathan Cole, and Adrian Cooper of Roger Henderson QC's 2 Harcourt Buildings are well regarded.