Web week

Fee degrees

The aptly named seller, David Law, tells it like it is: “Going to school for this degree has been a joke, and has only brought me stress and misery. This degree has been a great invitation to work at least 60 hours a week at a place where I don’t want to be for people that I don’t care about.”

He goes on: “It has helped me develop great relationships with bill collectors as I can’t afford the cost this great privilege has afforded me.”

It must be stressed that only the paper certificate itself is up for sale, and at the time of writing had attracted no bids. Nice sales work, David.

Willy warner

If you’re wondering why those lawyers in the IP department always seem to be sniggering and pointing at their screens, they’re probably looking at specialist site X-Rated Patents (www.x-rated patents.com), which has one or two updates.

The site has the added bonus of being worksafe.The blog shows just how willing the US Patent Office is to sign its name to the inventions that will define the 21st century. Such as the seductively titled ‘Process for Making a Massage Device Departing From an Electric Toothbrush’, which sounds just like something you wouldn’t want guests finding in your bathroom. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Although Christmas has come and gone, it’s a great time of year to take up a new hobby. The patent-owner of the ‘Simulated Disposable Foreskin for Training Surgical Procedure of Infant Circumcision’ obviously had that in mind.

It’s the most eye-watering patent ever submitted.

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