Never Forget… we won’t in a hurry

Times may have changed since Tulkinghorn’s own first job – washing gin bottles in a workhouse during the glorious reign of HRH Victoria – but it is still hard graft as an Eversheds trainee. The long hours, the due diligence, the dressing up as a choirboy to sing ’90s boy band hits.

Um, what? Yes, that was probably the response of the 19 poor trainees at the firm’s Leeds and Manchester offices recently press-ganged into performing a cover version of Take That’s “Never Forget” in front of every one of their colleagues.

This truly toe-curling spectacle – accompanied by professional wedding band and available on YouTube as soon as Tulkinghorn works out how – was the firm’s farewell to its Cloth Hall Court building before a move to nearby Bridgewater Place. (Apparently a plaque wouldn’t do.)

Not many activities make an afternoon’s due diligence seem like an appealing prospect, but standing in front of your boss dressed as a chorister and pretending to be called Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard or Jason must surely be one.