Mistletoe and overtime

It seems the US work ethic was alive and well during the Christmas break. Not for US firms the luxury of a fortnight off work where the toughest decision to be made concerns which flavour of Quality Street to plump for.

No, in a report that would make pre-visitation Ebenezer Scrooge glow with approval, one partner at a US firm confided in Tulkinghorn that he had to spend his Caribbean holiday watching his family frolic on the beach while he was chained to his laptop in order to complete a deal over Christmas.

If that makes you weep – or feel smug for resisting the temptation of the Yankee dollar – then spare a thought for his poor assistant, who hired out a Cornish pub for a celebratory slap-up dinner, but instead spent 14 hours in the pub’s office on the phone to clients. Ah, there’s nothing like yuletide spirit to warm the cockles of your heart.