The dogs of law

Tulkinghorn is curious as to whether any clients have been known to name their pets, children or other possessions after their lawyers.
Tulkinghorn began to ponder the subject when he learnt that professional golfer Freddie Sunderland had named his dog, a Lhasa Apso, Brandman, after his lawyer Henri Brandman. The reason? Brandman also owns a Lhasa Apso, Todd, who accompanies him to every meeting. After the human Brandman won Freddie Sunderland £150,000 compensation for a car accident injury, the golfer was so impressed that he bought himself an identical dog and named it after the man himself.
Tulkinghorn would urge readers to write in with any similar stories, although caution should be urged if the revelation will cause lasting psychological damage to either small children or animals.