Separated at birth

Tulkinghorn has got himself in a bit of a lather about this week's two separated at birth, as it seems two of The Lawyer's favourite lawyers have secret lives featuring in two of the nation's favourite soaps.
First, there is the astonishing revelation that EastEnders' Carol Jackson, mother to Walford's most dysfunctional family, is not under a police witness protection programme in South London, but is practising as an associate in the financial restructuring department at Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft under the pseudonym of Yvette Croucher.
While in Walford, Yvette/Carol brought up four children by different deadbeat dads: Bianca, whose voice could break windows at 100 feet; Robbie, whose beauty equalled his brains; Sonia, who bizarrely for the family is both intelligent and holds down a relationship; and Billy, the child of indeterminable gender. Still, it all seemed to come right again when she found love with Dan, a most unsuitable type. Unfortunately, Dan couldn't make up his mind between Carol and Bianca, so it all went horribly wrong.
But the change seemed to do Yvette/Carol a world of good – look at her now – not only is she smiling (a facial feature unheard of in Albert Square) but she's überglam too. Good on yer Carol!