Put it on the slate

After all the frivolity of Christmas, Tulkinghorn has heard some scurrilous gossip about a rather drunken partnership conference held by Gouldens. He is certain that it cannot possibly be true, as those chaps at Gouldens are sooo well behaved.
Anyway, one insider told him that the hotel where the conference was held politely declined to host any future events for the ultraprofitable firm after one partner allegedly wrecked the snooker table by spilling his glass of port on it while dancing on the baize like a lunatic. So nearly rock 'n' roll behaviour, but not quite. If it had been a pint of snakebite then the partner, who shall remain nameless, although Tulkinghorn knows who you are, would have been up there with Ozzy Osbourne, but never mind.
At the same do, another partner was bizarrely accused of pinching the cutlery from his room. The accusations were strenuously denied by the partner – not least because he hadn't even noticed his room had a kitchenette attached.