Muggle magic

A quart of Bertie Botts every flavour beans go to muggle solicitors Cobbetts this week, for a rather magical deal.
Less than a week after joining the Manchester firm as a corporate partner, Richard 'Dumbledore' Hepworth has wizarded his way to selling Moss & Co for an undisclosed sum to the family of Ashok Patel.
Moss & Co, as you muggles may not be aware, are purveyors of wood and have the special honour of making wands for the Hogwarts School, frequented of course by wizard extraordinaire Harry Potter.
Rumours that Hepworth had to resort to the book Curses and Counter-curses (Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying, and Much, Much More) by Professor Vindictus Viridian to secure the deal are, of course, complete poppycock.
NB: It has just been drawn to Tulkinghorn's attention that the company actually provided the rosewood used for the wands in the Harry Potter film and so is rather disappointingly a muggle firm.