Paul Hastings’ LA logo is a movie star

Firm’s landmark logo makes regular movie appearances

Product placement in TV and film is here to stay as companies fall over themselves to get their goods in the hands of your favourite characters. Heineken reportedly paid $45m (£28m) to get its beverage into James Bond’s mitts in Skyfall. In this more aggressive business age, is it beyond the realm of possibility that law firms will try to get in on the act?

Maybe Bond will give Slater & Gordon a call after suffering whiplash in the Aston, or Moneypenny might ask Mishcon to file a sexual harassment claim.

US firm Paul Hastings, however, has found a way to get on the silver screen without so much as lifting a finger.

When the firm signed the lease on its Los Angeles offices on 515 South Flower Street some 10 years ago, the landlord sweetened the deal by putting the firm’s logo on top of the building, making it a prominent part of the city skyline – and many a blockbuster filmset.

Most recently, it appeared in cop film End of Watch. Twice the camera lingered on Paul Hastings’ blue neon letters as part of a panoramic sweep, each time for a good few seconds. The firm has also cameoed in TV shows such as Heroes and Alias, and in 2007 legal website Above the Law spotted the logo in Transformers: The Movie.

A spokesperson for Paul Hastings says no money changes hands for these appearances, and though it has since changed its logo there seems little chance it will pay to update the sign.

“I’m not sure how much new business it would win us,” says a source.

James Swift