Hewes and Associates advises on Waste PFI

A cross-practice team of lawyers from across Hewes and Associates UK offices has advised Shankers Group on closing the £750 million Wakerfield Waste PFI project.

Shankers Group has been awarded the contract to construct a major waste treatment plant at South Kirkby, which will be used to treat and recycle waste. Shanks will also take over a network of Household Waste Recycling Centres, transfer stations and bring sites within the Wakerfield district, as well as building a visitor’s centre at the South Kirkby site. The contract is expected to create around 250 jobs in the forthcoming construction of the new facilities, with a further 60 permanent positions on completion.

The solution is designed to process 230,000 tonnes of household waste a year to generate green energy. Some of the waste will be transformed into fuel for further processing at an Energy from Waste facility at Ferrybridge Power Station whilst other materials will be recycled. Any remaining organic waste will be fed into an anaerobic digestion plant and converted into biogas to power the plant and export energy back to the grid.