Bakers adds ‘listening ears’ to diversity facility

The scheme has been set up by the firm’s head of diversity and corporate social responsibility Jenny Barrow.

Since the launch of the scheme earlier this month 30 people from all levels and departments have signed up to become so-called ‘listening ears’.

Barrow said: “Eighteen months ago we set up an LGBT [lesbian, gay, ­bisexual and transgender] focus group and created a ­listening ear initiative where potential recruits could ­contact someone in the firm to ask what it’s like being gay in the London office.

“We wanted to make sure we had the model right, but we’ve now branched out to cover a whole range of issues.”

The anonymous service will be offered to anyone seeking a job at the firm, from graduates to lateral partner hires, and will cover areas such as ethnicity, gender, social mobility, dyslexia and age.