No easy ride for smaller firms

Driven by the constant quest for new business, my firm sent a letter to the local Citizen's Advice Bureau in the hope that it would recommend people to us. It responded with the suggestion that we do some pro bono work for them.

Chance would be a fine thing. From where we stand, making a living takes up all our time, however altruistic we are.

In a town where several of the larger firms' have branches – including one outpost of a top 50 City giant, competition for the limited market is tough.

It is no surprise that almost 75 per cent of all firms have been approached about a merger in the past two years.

The surprise is that more have not been tempted to say yes, since the price individuals or very small firms are paying for their independence right now is too high.

And the OSS makes it so easy for the moaners to knock us down, like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery funded by ourselves.

An omission or genuine mistake often becomes a disciplinary matter. Who is standing up for us in all this? May I suggest perhaps the antidote to OSS? TOSS: Troubleshooting Offensive for Small Solicitors.

Name and address withheld