It has been a bad week for:

Lord Hoffmann, whose connections with Amnesty International threatened to throw the Pinochet affair into further chaos. Pinochet's lawyers have lodged an appeal against a House of Lords decision that Pinochet did not have sovereign immunity, believed to relate to allegations of Hoffmann's perceived bias.

Designers of a futuristic magistrates' court building in Southampton, whose u13m building, due to open next autumn, was described by opponents as "a space rocket, Cape Canaveral and Saddam Hussein's secret bunker all rolled into one".

US defence lawyer Eric Naiburg, who represented Amy Fisher, known by some as the "Long Island Lolita" jailed as a teenager for shooting her former lover's wife. Fisher is calling for a retrial, saying she had a romance with Naiburg that included role-playing and fondling, and that the besotted lawyer gave her bad legal advice.