It's been a bad week for…

Daniel O'Connell. The businessman accused of forming a crooked alliance with a former Irish government minister to run a £20m tax racket has been sent to jail for eight years. The court was told the swindle was based on the VAT-free status of goods exported from one EU country to another. Peter Rook QC, for the prosecution, said O'Connell bought expensive computer chips and made it look as though they were heading for firms in Ireland, but he then sold them in the UK.

Sir Anthony Tennant, the former chairman of Christie's International. American law-yers are seeking a default ruling against him, claiming that he has ignored a price-fixing lawsuit that names him as a defendant. Christie's had been cooperating with an American federal investigation into alleged price-fixing in the art market, but when the inquiry became public knowledge, it was hit with lawsuits brought on behalf of customers.

Anwar Ibrahim. The former Malaysian deputy prime minister has been sentenced to nine years in jail on sodomy charges. Anwar was accused of sodomy by a former family chauffeur Azizan Abu Bakar. But Ibrahim told the court in Kuala Lumpur that he was the victim of a political conspiracy that had been orchestrated by the prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad.

Bedroom walls in student bedsits. Cuban photographer Alberto Diaz has decided to sue for breach of copyright after his iconic picture of Che Guevara was used in an advert for Smirnoff vodka. While the picture has been used ad nauseam for almost four decades, the photographer has decided to sue both the advertising agency that created the ad, Lowe Lintas, and the picture agency that supplied the image, Rex Features, because Che Guevara was both anti-capitalism and almost teetotal.

"Compassionate conservatism" in US presidential Republican candidate George W Bush's state Texas. Bush, who is governor of the state, refused to grant a stay of execution to Oliver Cuz, a 33-year-old man with the IQ of a prepubescent child who admitted the rape and murder of a 24-year-old woman. Cruz, whose IQ was tested at between 63 and 76, was killed by lethal injection on Wednesday. In around eight months time a law will come into force in the state preventing the execution of mentally retarded people.

The Crown Prosecution Service. A report by the CPS inspectorate, which reviewed 1,500 sample cases, concluded that errors in recording the outcomes of court cases in England and Wales are preventing proper assessment of the CPS. It claims that 8.1 per cent of the outcomes of cases in magistrates' courts and 4.9 per cent in crown courts were wrongly recorded.