Robert Edward James Wilson, 40, admitted 1984, practised as Robert Wilson, Thetford, Norfolk. Wilson voluntarily removed his name from Roll in September 1996. Tribunal banned him from having his name restored to Roll without order of tribunal, and ordered to pay £1,037 costs. Allegations substantiated he withdrew client money and used client funds for purposes of other clients. Tribunal told that as result of his activities Compensation Fund had faced claims of £149,302. At time of the hearing, £111,433 had been recouped but a shortfall of £37,869 remained. Tribunal said Wilson's mental health had rendered him incapable of practising as a solicitor and the public had to be protected.

Sandra Fenwick, probate clerk with Timothy Stiddard, Weston Super Mare, and subsequently Berry Redmond and Robinson, Worle, Avon, who acquired the first practice, banned from working for any further solicitors without written consent from Law Society. Allegation substantiated she mishandled funds during administration of estates. In one case, she was said to have used the money of a deceased woman whose estate she was handling to pay her Barclaycard bill and her telephone bill.

William Parish, admitted 1968, practising as Parish & Co, St Ives, Cornwall, struck off and ordered to pay £3,821 costs. Allegations substantiated he wrongly drew client account money and used it for his own purposes and those of other clients, failed to discharge his duties as an executor/trustee with due diligence and/or in the best interests of the estate, failed to disclose material information to his client, failed to act in accordance with his instructions and/or in the affairs of his client with due diligence.

Tribunal told Parish's mishandling of client funds had included serious misuse of funds belonging to an institutional lending client. Tribunal said Parish appeared to have entirely abrogated his responsibilities as a solicitor.