The money side of the street

A neighbourhood dispute is never a pleasant experience. Bickering about the placement of a dividing fence can quickly escalate, while the curious eyes of a Peeping Tom will always be disturbing.

So how must Ashurst feel now that the firm’s ‘friendly’ neighbour on the other side of Appold Street, Shearman & Sterling, has once again plundered the firm’s talent?

Not content with tempting five banking partners from Ashurst in 1998s, the US firm has pilfered its neighbour’s crèche again, this time in the form of real estate partner Ian Nisse.

This must be hard for Ashurst to swallow, especially as the firm is reminded of the defections every time staff look out their office windows – and straight into Shearman’s offices across the road.

But most surprising is that Nisse has been welcomed into Shearman with open arms, despite having been instrumental in the torment of the five banking partners who defected during his reign as the managing partner of Ashurst.

Tulkinghorn hopes both parties will be able to settle their dispute amicably; however, he wouldn’t be surprised to see Ashurst develop a sudden interest in astronomy and invest in a few high-powered telescopes.

Although, on the upside, at least Nisse does not have far to carry his belongings during his imminent move.