Mixed ­troubles

Tulkinghorn has noted that the credit crisis and the unstable economic ­climate have different ­consequences for different firms. At Davies Arnold Cooper (DAC) the turmoil has hit the in-house ­football league the hardest.

Tulkinghorn has heard that the most contentious topic at the firm is the structure of the league. DAC’s Spanish office has suggested that the women’s and men’s football leagues should be merged into a mixed league.

Women and men would not be playing on the same team, but the change would mean there will be one league, which will be more cost-effective than holding two events.

London, however, is not in favour at all, and this has led to some not speaking to their Spanish counterparts. One DAC lawyer told a Tulkinghorn scribe: “The British need to remove their stiff upper lip and move with the times. Football is a serious game, but there’s more at stake than tradition.”

At the moment it looks like Spain 1 England 0.