Finger pickin’ good

Finger pickin’ goodTulkinghorn has seen law firms sponsor some strange events in his time, but he thinks ­Midlands firm Needham & James Solicitors may have trumped everyone.

To boost its profile, the firm has sponsored a ukulele concert. As you do.
The Needhams brand is all over the 10-day-long “Stratford on Avon Music Festival”, which features a performance by the Ukulele ­Orchestra of Great Britain.

Apparently the group has enjoyed sellout tours throughout the world, with audiences in thrall to its ukulele renditions of popular tunes. Some press reports have said the group’s ukulele covers of Kate Bush tracks have achieved legendary status.

Tulkinghorn is unconvinced. He likes his ­guitars like he likes his women: classical and with G-strings and long necks.