Addleshaws cuts 16 jobs across its offices

Addleshaws cuts 16 jobs across its officesAddleshaw Goddard made 16 employees redundant this year, including two fee-earners – the highest single number made since 2003.

The redundancies saw three part-time fee-earners, together constituting two full-time equivalent posts, lose their jobs – one in each of the firm’s three offices – along with six support staff in the City and four each in Leeds and Manchester. The support staff were located across the finance, IT, HR and business development departments. The jobs were cut in July.

Managing partner Mark Jones said: “This business has made people redundant every year since 2005. Any business that employs 1,400 people and is growing will have redundancies. For example, we might outsource the switchboard to an external provider.”

However, Jones said that the larger number of redundancies this year was a particular response to the market downturn. He added: “We think we’re appropriately staffed for the business we’ve got.”

Those affected were offered enhanced redundancy packages in line with the length of service.

Jones clarified: “The average payment across the 16 redundancies was the statutory minimum plus six weeks pay, but they are 16 radically different cases.”