West Country links to Bar Network

BARRISTERS in Bristol and Cornwall can now make applications to the Queen's Bench from their chambers via video-conferencing.

The two areas are the latest to join the Bar Telecom Network, a cable-based video-conferencing system which was launched by Cherie Booth QC in July.

The system allows barristers to bring procedural applications before Queen's Bench Masters using live, interactive video links.

The network has been piloted in London, Birmingham and Southampton since February, and is already linked to 40 chambers and some prisons.

Now the network has been extended and is due to be up and running this week at Godolphin Chambers in Truro and Guildhall Chambers in Bristol.

The pilot is due to finish on 19 December.

Truro barrister Jonathan Richards said the equipment was likely to make a big difference.

Guildhall barrister George Newsom, who is in charge of the system at Bristol, said that he was was hoping the system would save on travelling time.