Seaside safety challenged

Seaside safety is to come under the High Court gaze with an action brought by the family of a 22-year-old man who drowned as he attempted to save his young sister from a pool on the beach at Margate in Kent in 1995. Lee-Roy Winter was carrying his nine-year-old sister from the sea to the shore when he slipped in a one-metre deep trough near a corner of the council-owned pool, causing him to drop her in the sea. He drowned, and by the time she was rescued the girl was close to drowning and was suffering from hypothermia. The pending action has been brought by his 43-year-old mother and his sister. When the case reaches court the council will be accused of negligence and breach of duty for failing to ban swimming in the north-eastern corner of the pool near where Winter fell and for failing to carry out other safety precautions.