Ladbrokes a sure bet for Slaughters

To gamble or not to gamble? It was the dilemma of a whole load of delegates at The Lawyer’s Legal Summit in Monte Carlo last weekend – and it is the same dilemma facing Linklaters partners today as their partnership conference kicks off in the same city.

It’s the sort of dilemma that City firms have confronted following the boom in online gaming. There’s a lot of money swilling around, but is it entirely kosher?

Freshfields has piled in where others fear to tread and is busy advising on its potential merger with Ladbrokes.

Slaughters had followed a more cautious approach and decided not to advise the nouveau riche onliners. But when old money got involved in the shape of client Ladbrokes, it was time to ditch the unofficial policy. Well, if Bush can’t beat them…