Litigation Personal Injury 14/11/95

Mable v RAM Manufacturing – QBD 27 October 199Claimant: Stephen Mable, 4Accident: Plaintiff required to pull fork-lift truck in yard of work place slipped and sustained back injury

Injuries: For six-week period he suffered low back pain radiating into left leg with pins and needles in leg together with some loss of straight leg raising. Symptoms eased but he suffered relapse, disc protrusion observed, initially treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and traction but pain continued with increasing loss of function. Plaintiff finally unable to bend, lift, sit or stand in one position or walk more than 200 yards. Exploratory operation revealed sequestrated disc fragment. Removal of fragment led to improvement but he still suffers pain and faces risk of osteo-arthritis. Injuries have caused a number of stress related symptoms.

Award: £115,03Judge: Mr N Strauss QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: Pegden & Dubow

Griffiths v Balfour – QBD 24 October 199Claimant: David Griffiths

Accident: Plaintiff window cleaner fell after cyclist collided with his ladder

Injuries: Fracture of first lumbar vertebra with interior marginal fragment and depression on superior surface of first lumbar vertebra, fracture of waist of scaphoid, fracture of lateral part of head of left radius involving elbow joint, avulsion injury at posterior margin of talus, bruising of chest, deterioration of discs of lower lumbar spine. Back extremely stiff, left elbow lacks full flexion and extension, loss of full function in left writs. Since accident plaintiff has put on weight, become depressed and irritable, has trouble getting up stairs, can no longer enjoy golf, suffers headaches, can no longer enjoy sexual relations.

Award: £117,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Tucker

Plaintiff's solicitors: Harris & Cartwright

Defendant's solicitors: Davies Arnold Cooper

McGing v Wandsworth Borough Council – QBD 25 October 199Claimant: Philomena Noreen McGing

Accident: Back injury in course of employment at council home while helping elderly woman to commode

Injuries: Plaintiff underwent physiotherapy without success and attended Wolfson Rehabilitation Centre but seemed worse after three weeks of treatment. She still suffers symptoms and has not worked since accident in 1987.

Award: £135,10Judge: Judge Fawcus

Plaintiff's solicitors: Lawford & Co