First triumph for no win no fee

A SWANSEA firm has claimed a conditional fees first with the successful completion of a trial on a no win no fee basis.

John Collins & Partners believes it made history when Swansea County Court found in favour of its client in a dispute over liability following a car accident.

The client, a self-employed carpenter, had turned down legal aid because he could not afford the £105 monthly contribution.

He decided to fund the case privately and jumped at the chance of a no win no fee arrangement with a 50 per cent uplift, according to the firm.

“We were more than happy to take the claim on, on a conditional fee basis, as his evidence in our opinion was entirely believable,” said solicitor Claire Goldsworthy who handled the case.

Head of personal injury Keith Thomas said it was a straightforward case, but one which may never have been completed if it had not been for conditional fees.

David Hartley, of the Law Society's legal practice directorate, said it was the first no win no fee case he had heard about which had come to trial.