Elly on 'rebel' successor

FORMER Law Society president Charles Elly has questioned his successor's confrontational tactics and put his weight firmly behind the move for constitutional reform at Chancery Lane.

In this week's The Lawyer, Elly criticises Martin Mears' calls for supporters to challenge sitting council members who oppose him.

Questioning what a change in council members would actually achieve, he says: “Time and again we have had 'reformers' and 'rebels' join the council who then realise that the answers which seem so obvious are not simple but simplistic.”

Elly goes on to outline a blueprint for reform which he says could boost grassroots representation at the centre.

He says the society should be organised along sectional lines, which would “harness the enthusiasm of the many practitioners who are members of special interest associations and groups”.

Elly's article will add to the debate over reform currently taking place at the society.