Banking and finance

From its very inception, banking and finance has been one of Dacheng’s core practice areas and one of the strongest areas of the firm.

Dacheng provides special and comprehensive legal services to a large number of banking and non-banking financial institutions, both in China and abroad, and has both rich experience and a solid client base in the area of finance.

The firm has a deep understanding and knowledge of applicable foreign and Chinese laws and regulations in the field of finance, as well as transactional rules and standard practice, and has assisted a wide range of commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, trust companies, financial companies, funds and other financial institutions, as well as government agencies, in completing a large number of complex financial transactions, drawing upon its rich local experience and deep understanding of international rules.

Dacheng has developed a series of standardised documents in respect of banking regulations, insurance products, trusts and all types of loans, placing it at the cutting edge of the legal services industry in the financial sector.

Some of the firm’s leading clients include Chinese-invested banks, joint venture banks, subsidiaries and branches of overseas banks in China, insurance companies, trust companies, finance companies, auto financing companies and lease finance companies. 

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This material has been sourced from the Dacheng website.